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United Kingdom

United Kingdom (UK)

The United Kingdom (UK) is recognized for its high quality education system as they offer outstanding educational infrastructure, quality research and great teaching approach. They deliver necessary resources and qualification to be successful in the competitive global market by delivering sufficient opportunities to help students work to achieve their dream goals.

Excellent academic reputation:

UK comes under top most popular destination to study higher education. UK is world renowned for universities like University of Oxford, University of Cambridge, Imperial College London and many more. They rank the top in the world and are highly competitive among both domestic and international students.

As the UK universities provide flexible education system, international students can study according to their preferred routine and choose vocational courses of their choice. Furthermore, you can learn from the world’s leading experts and academics. . Their teaching approach helps you to be creative and build skills boosting your confidence level. Their institutions rank the best in the world with internationally recognized and valued degree.

Wide range of courses

The UK institution offers broad choice of degrees in courses like Business and Management, Arts and Design, Media Studies and many other courses that you have barely heard. So you can find any course of your choice so as to fulfill your career goals.

Saves time and money:

The time period for Undergraduate degrees in the UK is about 3 years and master’s degrees are generally 1-2 years. Subsequently this can spare 1-year worth of educational cost and expenses and this can’t be said on account of USA or Canada. Likewise, the chance of working 20 hours a week will diminish the financial burden for the students. Hence a shorter degree in UK benefits you by saving your money on fees and accommodation.

Friendly culture

UK is a multicultural country with people from almost every country. More than 500,000 international students get enrolled each year to study in UK universities so you are surely going to receive warm welcome. Being in a different culture and encountering various nationalities, sharing knowledge with each other broadens your perspective. This can be a lifetime experience as you can learn and gain experiences with an insight of other countries and cultural norms.

Post- Study work opportunities

According to the new law announced by Graduate Immigration Route international students who have studied in UK universities are allowed to work and stay for two years after their graduation. Among Nepali student UK was considered to be less attractive due to fewer opportunities to work after completion of their study. However, this problem was solved after the announcement of new PSW with major rise in number of applicant. The post study work permit is for 2 years thus they have opportunities to build career in UK after the completion of their study.

The criteria for PSW for international students is that they should have either completed undergraduate level studies or above that at a higher education level beside a track record of agreement is required. They also require an authorized Tier 4 visa at the time of application to meet their standards.

Travelling Benefits

Your dream to travel to Europe will be successful if you study in UK, as it is the gateway to Europe. So you can study as well as travel to different places. They have secure public transportation system, which makes it easier to travel the whole United Kingdom and admire its beauty. Being a student you will have access to special rates for transportation while you buy monthly passes.

Improves your English

English is an international language and is highly required for the international business. Since, all the courses are offered in English it is a best way to study English in UK. As you have to use English for your daily communication, it naturally enhances your skills and builds confidence to communicate in a larger platform.

Attractive place to live

UK is made up of England, Scotland, Northern Ireland, and Wales. It has rich diversity of cultures, languages and values with open mindedness. The UK is a wonderful place with many cultural attractions with historical backgrounds and

modern design. They also offer diverse cuisine, great travel links, famed music festivals and international sports competitions. So it is entertaining and great place to study and live here. After United States, UK is the top destination in the world among international students to pursue their education.

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